Wednesday, July 18, 2012

todd family reunion 2012: denver

a couple of days before and after breckenridge were spent hanging out at my parent's house, swimming and going to jumpstreet.  
a step on my parent's deck broke and so matt...with a lot of little helpers fixed it. 
 poor emma just wasn't feeling great. it was apparent when i found her just laying on my parent's living room floor. emma is a mover and never just lays there.
 myles' loves babies! he is more into babies than most 8 year old boys. he was constantly asking to hold baby lauren. so sweet!
 riding nana's exercise bike
 with goggles. more for style than safety!
"i wear my sunglasses at night..." 
i turned around one night on our drive home to find logan sportin' his shades
 the day before ryan and lynda headed back to nyc we packed in the fun. we started out at jumpstreet, went to chick-fil-a for lunch and playing at the play place and ended up at the pool for a few hours. it was non-stop fun (and led to a 6:15 beadtime)!
 emma was starting to feel better but still spent most of jumpstreet in her stroller
logan kept running away to "play" the video games. it was driving me crazy and i found myself saying a typical parent thing like, "we didn't pay money for you to sit at these video games. go jump!"
too funny not to post
 nana watched the sleeping babies at the pool
my kids love swimming (emma did swim even though the only picture is of her sleeping)! and add cousins into the mix and life couldn't be better!
 ava is so beautiful! 

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