Monday, July 23, 2012


your birthday breakfast: "stars breakfast" aka lucky charms 
dear logan,
you turned three years old just over a week ago and i can hardly believe it. i'm not sure how my chubby little baby has grown into a little boy that proudly tells anyone who asks that he is 3 and holds up 3 fingers to reinforce the point. sometimes i can't believe you are only three because you seem so grown up. i was so proud of you last week at your well check appointment as you answered all of dr. lisa's questions with no problem (even some "4 year old questions"). i often can't believe the things that come out of your mouth and your dad and i look at each other and wonder where you learned so much! as i look back at your baby pictures it hurts my heart that my little baby boy is gone, never to return again. growing up is sure a bittersweet thing for your mama to watch. but i couldn't be happier with the boy you have grown to be. sure, you know how to push our buttons and are daily testing your boundaries and it often leaves me feeling exasperated. you are definitely a toddler and sometimes i just don't know what to do with you! but more often than not you are a sweet, thoughtful, fun loving, silly, smart, courageous, independent, funny boy. and i'm grateful for all those good qualities because it makes the hard moments worth it (and bearable). 
all i ever wanted to be when i grew up was a mother. and i waited patiently (well, sometimes not so patiently) to meet the right man that would be your daddy. and i waited anxiously for the time when our family would grow and i would finally be a mother. all the waiting was worth it and i can honestly say motherhood has been everything i had hoped it would be. it has been tiring and challenging (especially as you grow and exercise your independence), but mostly it has been sweet, special and wonderful. i am grateful for your patience with me as i have learned through trial and error about motherhood and i am grateful for your forgiveness as i mess up or lose my temper (more than i wish i did). even after we've had a rough moment, you're always willing to give me a hug and kiss and another chance to be better and love you more. 
here are some of the things you've been doing/saying lately that i don't want to forget: the way you say certain words with a little accent, like "mom-may" or "bay-bay;" how you are always calling for emma to come and play with you; how i hear you explaining things you are doing or see to emma; you are such a good big brother! how you love to sing "i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints" at the top of your lungs and how you sing it to emma before she goes down for a nap; the funny positions that you sleep in; how sometimes when i tell you "i love you" you will say, "no you don't!" you think you're so funny; how you prayed everyday for months for uncle mark to get a job and when we told you he got one you said, "i got mark a job! now it's daddy's turn." and now you pray for daddy to get an interview and you pray for you and emma to get jobs! (i'm glad you want to pull your own weight around here); i love how every night when we sit down for dinner you immediately launch into telling us about some crazy adventure you've had. it often includes fighting troops and the dinosaur museum; or how you're always asking for your nails to be trimmed because you know it means you'll get to watch youtube videos on my phone; or how your song request every night before bed is "families can be together forever"; you love primary songs and request them every time we get into the car (and throw a fit if i ever try and listen to my own music); how you love to help me with whatever i am doing; how you can undress and dress yourself and put on your flip flops all by yourself (it is awesome), but sometimes when you don't want to you just say, "i don't know how to do that;" how you love to play soccer and basketball; how you recognize any 24 hour fitness that we drive by because of the logo and call it "kid's club"; how you have a little "bromance" going on with ryder at kid's club! you 2 seriously love each other; how you have an amazing memory for song lyrics and names; how one of the first thing you ask for when you wake up is to watch a show (this actually is not one of my favorite things); you have a wide variety of shows you love to watch: caillou, dora, diego, super why and your favorite at the moment is yo gabba gabba! you can sing the intro songs for most of the shows and you can navigate netflix like a pro; when you don't want to go to bed at night you'll say, "i don't know how to go to sleep" and your favorite stall tactic is going to the bathroom multiple times; and how even after 8 months of being in a big boy bed you still call out for me to come get you in the morning. there are so many more things i know i am forgetting, but this list is good enough.
sharing your "stars breakfast" with emma. you share your cereal with her every morning while she waits for her toast.
birthday pool time with friends sascha and adelle
i love you so much my baby boy! thank you for making me a mama. it's my dream come true. my heart has grown in unexpected ways since you have joined our family and i feel so lucky you are ours! happy third birthday!

love, your mama
birthday bubble bath!
three year stats
29.8 pounds - 50%
38 inches - 75%

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