Monday, July 23, 2012

calling all super heroes!

logan requested a super hero party months ago. he is definitely his daddy's son.
check out the awesome invite dave made! i love it (and am totally ok with my head on scarlett johansson's body :)!
logan chose all the food for his party and it was just what you would expect a toddler to choose: chips, cheetos, goldfish, m&ms, donuts, swedish fish, starbursts (or star-barts as logan calls them) and chocolate bars (which makes me laugh that logan calls them that rather than candy bars).
i was pretty proud of the super hero logos i created for the backdrop
i really wanted to make logan a super hero cape and my sweet friend mindy helped me pull it off (and copy a cape she made for her boys). thanks mind! i think he looks so cute!
blowing out the candles on his birthday donut (logan's choice instead of cake). just like last year logan loved having us sing happy birthday to him (unlike last year he wasn't afraid of the candles this time).
i love emma looking up at logan adoringly while we sang happy birthday 
emma was loving cade! she kept crawling up in his face and laughing so hard. 
present time! emma got right in there to help. she deserved it since logan opened all her birthday presents. 

in the picture below logan is saying, "nooo emma! don't touch!" we hear that a lot!
chris farley look alike! haha!
i wanted to get a picture of logan with my parents before they left. obviously he wasn't up for it. i think my dad was in the middle of trying to cheer him up. awesome picture all around!!
logan sharing his birthday donut with emma! sweet boy!
brotherly love (notice the handhold ;)
super wesslers!
super girls! logan wouldn't wear his cape for the picture, so i did.
our 2nd grandparent picture attempt. it did go better than the first one, although this time emma didn't want to cooperate.
trying out his easel from gammy and pappy the day after his party
happy birthday super logi!

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