Saturday, July 21, 2012

happy fourth!

i love the fourth of july! it's one of my favorite holidays. although this year it was a little disappointing since no fireworks were allowed. it was for good reason since a good part of the state of colorado was on fire, but still a bummer. we still made the most of it though.
in the morning we headed to "zach's toy toss." a family in dave's ward growing up (and the brother and sister were in our singles branch) had a little boy named zach who passed away years ago on the 4th of july. he used to throw his toys on the roof and so each fourth they invite their friends to throw new toys on the roof and they donate them to children's hospital. it's such a great thing. this year logan was big enough to throw the toy up on the roof (with pappy's help), although it did take multiple attempts (it kept bouncing off the gutter).
such a cute picture!
we spent the afternoon at a bbq with dave's family. soo much good food! i brought white chocolate cream cheese strawberries that were so yummy!
emma still wasn't feeling 100%, but she sure looked cute!
hello hot stuff!
and we tested out the new pool from gammy and pappy. despite their faces it was a hit.
i love the usa and feel so blessed to live here and for all those who have and still do sacrifice so much for freedom.

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