Thursday, July 19, 2012


things that have made me happy over the last couple of days:

dave and i went to the temple on tuesday night. it was so wonderful to be there with him (the last couple of times we have gone separately). there is something incredible about sitting in the temple, discussing everyday life but having a little more of an eternal perspective. as we walked out of the temple a man walked up to us and said, "i saw the most wonderful thing tonight in the temple session. the two of you and the love you obviously have for one another." it made my day and i was so happy he shared with us. 

the way emma always finds necklaces (think mardi gras beads) and just layers them on! she looks so cute all accessorized!

talking to our stake relief society president about my calling and some of my concerns. she is so wise, inspired and made me feel like i am doing a good job. i am so grateful for those people who make you feel better about yourself and you leave their presence (or hang up the phone) walking a little taller. i want to be one of those people.

blue bell ice cream was on sale for $3.99. their strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream is heavenly. 

the sounds of my kids laughing together in the other room. i love their belly laughs!

emma's "happy face." if you ask to see it she'll give you a big toothy smile (she has got so many teeth)!

the way logan's shorts and underwear are a little rolled/crazy and his shirt is usually tucked in in some weird spot after he's gone to the bathroom. it makes me laugh. and makes me so proud of my big boy!

talking about life with my oldest niece lexi as i drove her home the other night. she is such a beautiful and grounded girl with such a wonderful understanding about what is really important in life (please, please don't let that change as you grow). i am really trying to savor those moments since she and her family are moving to utah in about a month (it hurts my heart even to think about it, so i don't).

watching logan sleep. it never gets old and any frustration i might have felt with him melts away as i watch him peacefully sleep. 

watching emma do her side-step walk. she is a full on walker now (yea!) and i love watching her cruise around our house.

reading books that remind me of great women who do great things, even if to "the world" they seem simple and ordinary. i'm so grateful to be a member of the relief society and for the legacy of women who have gone before me and done remarkable things. i have been filled with such gratitude as i have been reading daughters in our kingdom (seriously, it's amazing). i have also been so uplifted by this sweet book (and i love that i can just read a little "secret" here and there when i have a moment)!

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