Wednesday, July 18, 2012

todd family reunion 2012: breckenridge

for our todd family reunion this year we spent 4 days in breckenridge. we rented a big house for everyone to stay in. technically it was 2 houses, connected through the hallway upstairs which meant in addition to lots of bedrooms, there were 2 kitchens, 2 family rooms etc. we loved all the space and the kids especially loved the 2 hot tubs! logan was constantly asking to go in the "hot bath tub" (and i can't believe how long he could stay in there)! our days were spent eating, talking (2 things the todd's love), hopping in and out of the hot tubs, hanging out, hiking and biking. it was fantastic!
we celebrated my dad's birthday (a few days late)
the sunset looked amazing because of the smoke from all the wildfires
cheeto mustache and getting ready to hop in the hot tub (all decked out in his "goo goo goggles")
we went hiking one day on what we thought was a mile or mile and a half hike. it turned out to be steep and rocky and longer than we expected (if it was only a mile or two it sure seemed longer). my favorite quote of the hike from dave was, "i should have married into a fat family," meaning a less active family than ours! haha! logan actually proved to be a great hiker. i had a few of those "filled with joy" moments as i hiked with my little family in the beautiful colorado mountains. however those feelings changed when we put logan into the hiking backpack against his will so we could pick up the pace. poor dave spent the whole hike down with a screaming child right in his ear. but for a little while it was lovely!
getting ready for our bike ride. our huge group was quite the site on the trail.
stopping for ice cream in town after our ride
logan claimed someone's bike helmet as his own. you can never be too safe when eating ice cream!
this picture is so fitting: kids gathered around my mom while she reads to them.
one evening we walked along the riverwalk and stopped so the kids could play in the river. it was quite entertaining to watch and i think most of the kids left totally soaked!
i love these boys!
dave and i escaped with logan for a little morning date while emma napped (the poor thing wasn't feeling well the whole trip and was so sad, fussy and clingy). we went into town, got donuts and then headed to dave and i's favorite hat shop in breckenridge. it is our tradition to try on wigs and hats every time we are in town and now we get to share it with our kiddos (we actually went to breckenridge when logan was 2 weeks old and tried on hats then, although i don't think he wore any hats that day)! so fun!
(logan is sporting a chocolate mustache from his donut in all the pictures ;)
the morning we left we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain. logan thought it was so cool to be "flying" up above everything! at the top of the mountain there were tons of activities to do. most of our family did the alpine slide, logan jumped in a bounce house and dave and i rode the alpine coaster!

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