Thursday, July 5, 2012

potty training logan

for months i have been trying to gear myself up to potty train logan. it wasn't as much a question of him being ready as it was of me being ready. but finally 3 weeks ago i decided to just take the plunge and do it (with very low expectations, that it was going to be the worst thing ever). i found a program to use and we went shopping for all sorts of "potty training" items. we bought underwear, new pjs, extra sheets, treats, fun drinks, and little prizes. we got a few new videos at the library, new bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a new coloring book. and every time logan asked for any of those items i told him excitedly that it was for potty training. let's just say that by the time we began potty training he was pumped! so the key with the program i used is that for 3 days you don't leave the house and are literally attached at the hip with your kid (so you can know the second they begin to have an accident). that means no talking on the phone, no checking email, no getting online etc. 100% focus! i was dreading being at home for 3 days. we all love to get out, which is why i had all sorts of new activities for us to do. i must say that the 100% focus, with none of the "regular" distractions was wonderful. it made me realize how "plugged in" i am. it was a good reminder to me of really being present and engaged with my kids. our first day (june 14) logan had about 4 accidents before it clicked (and luckily 2 of those were outside). and once it clicked, he would run to the bathroom on his own and hop on his lightning mcqueen potty (and he even went poop. sorry for the tmi, but those who have potty trained kiddos realize that is quite exciting)! part of the program that we used was that you don't put them in pull-ups at all. not even at night. so i was ready to be up in the night changing sheets and pajamas, but we didn't have to! the first night about 30 minutes after he went to bed he pooped in his underwear (and lucky for me, i was on a walk ;) but after that little accident he stayed dry all night long! he totally rocked it and i am so proud of him! he has been good to his mama and made her first potty training experience about as good as it could get. he has had the occasional accident over the past 3 weeks and we have had a few instances of logan telling me he needs to go to the bathroom when we're in a public place and we rush (literally me running and pushing my cart through target) only to find it was a false alarm and he didn't actually have to go (and i have to remind my frustrated self that a false alarm is better than an accident in target). so there you have it. more than you wanted to know about potty training logan (props to you for making it all the way through)!
the treat cups that sat on top of the tv as a constant reminder! he got to choose 1 piece of candy if he went pee and 1 piece of each candy if he went poop. even now, weeks later he still requests candy after he goes to the bathroom. sorry dude! that was a limited time offer :)
i can't get enough of him in underwear! he is so cute! the picture on the right was just after he went poop in the potty for the first time and had his stash of candy and his new car!
one of our activities on day 1 of our 3 day lock-down was making homemade gak. it was super easy (logan made it), super fun and he thinks the stuff is pretty sweet (me too)! (here are the directions for those interested)
there was also a lot of this going on during our lockdown (and after). chances are if you drop by my house, the couch cushions will be on the floor creating either a "tent" or a "slide." this is also when/how emma learned to climb up on the coffee table :)
i never got a picture of logan on the potty during potty training because we were all business (and just trying to make sure the pee went in the potty). so today i asked him just to "pose" on the potty. i just wanted to capture him sitting on his lightning mcqueen potty in the corner of our tiny bathroom for memories sake. in case you can't tell, he did not want to. i bribed him with watching a show if i could just take one. when i took a second (which was not part of the deal), he was not pleased. evidence on the right. 
he actually prefers now to pee standing up into the big toilet. it is so cute to see the little guy, with his cute little bare bum, standing next to such a big toilet. we have also trained him to pull up his shirt when it is hanging down so he doesn't pee on it! we had a few of those moments! 
and even though her eyes are closed, i had to put in a picture of one of logan's biggest supporters. she loves to be right with him...even in the bathroom. hopefully she will be inspired at an early age to potty train!


Cara said...

you're both total rockstars! props to you for doing it!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Yay for surviving potty training!!

Natalie Hobbs said...

WOOT! way to go, Logan!