Saturday, August 6, 2011

yo ho ho ya landlubbers!

to celebrate logan's birthday we had a family party. all of my siblings and their families were in town which dramatically increased our numbers, chaos and fun (we've actually been lucky enough to have them here for logan's birth, first and second birthdays)! a couple of months ago we checked out "here come the pirates" from the library (we've actually checked it out twice) and logan fell in love with it. we read it a lot. because of his new found love of pirates i decided to go with a pirate theme for his party.
this invite was made by my friend mindy. isn't it so cute?! she also made the invite for his first birthday party. i think she may have a job for years to come!
i tried to keep things pretty simple. we just had cupcakes, ice cream and a few other "pirate" treats.
i decided to make a cupcake stand that i saw on this blog. the ribbon i bought was too wide, so thanks to the creativity of my sister in law, lynda (who should be a party stylist by the way) we made a few changes and it turned out really cute (she also ended up doing most of the work)! although if you do make one, i recommend using mini cupcakes like the original person did.
our pirate birthday boy! isn't he soo cute?!
unlike his first birthday, he loved having happy birthday sung to him. at his request we sang it a second time (and he actually requested for us to sing it a third time)!
he sat there and grinned and even sang along. doesn't he look so cute in his pirate get up?!

playing with a few of his new toys (he's very into "cars")


Amy said...

FUN party. Love the pirate theme. I love how you said you "kept it simple" when it totally looks amazing and like a lot of work. If that's your idea of "simple", that's impressive!! Glad Logan had such a great day.

Jessica said...

Adorable! Great job Steph. Happy birthday Logan!!