Friday, August 5, 2011

july 13

we spent logan's 2nd birthday at the zoo, celebrating with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents (we were just missing his dad who had to work. boo!). when we arrived at the zoo, they all sang happy birthday to logan and he loved it. in fact, i think he joined in singing (an improvement from his 1st birthday when he cried through "happy birthday")! he had a great time running around and he even got some great service from his cousin carter (age 5) who pushed him (and emma) in the stroller. he did remarkably well considering he couldn't see very well over the top of the stroller.
in the evening he got a visit from grandma and grandpa gg before they headed back to arizona.

and then we celebrated with a cupcake, pizza and presents. the candles freaked him out (maybe because we always tell him fire is hot?) and so we learned our lesson and skipped the candles during his birthday party a few days later. he got spoiled with a red velvet cupcake from a cupcakery (isn't that a fun word?!) that one of dave's students works at. i don't think he actually ate much (if any) of it. he seemed to have more fun playing with it much to my dismay (because it was too yummy not to be eaten). but it was the birthday boy's day so who am i to stand in the way of his fun?! he loved the stars hanging down above his highchair. we kept them up for a few weeks and he thought they were so fun to eat under.
of course there were wars related like a coloring book and his own light saber. plus a leapfrog toy to teach him his letter sounds. we kept it pretty simple knowing he would be spoiled by family!
he was probably saying, "have the power" (even though i think that is he-man and not star wars)
the night before logan's birthday i laid in bed thinking back 2 years. it was a sunday and i had been to a viewing for a dear friend's mom. it was touching to contemplate the plan of our heavenly father, where both birth and death are a necessary part of the plan and our progression. i had then received a beautiful priesthood blessing from dave (and my brother in law mark and my dad were able to participate which was so special). i still remember dave and i had lasagna for dinner while we played a game of dirty marbles. it was strange to know it was our last meal at home being a family of two. then we drove to the hospital and checked in, knowing life was about to change dramatically (but not knowing exactly how) and feeling so excited to finally meet our baby boy. that night i was laying in a hospital bed trying to sleep in preparation for the BIG day that was to follow. thankfully i got something to help me sleep. dave wasn't so lucky and i don't think he slept much that night. he arrived at 5:51 pm on monday, july 13th and we've been in love with him ever since, although if you want to be technical we loved him before he was ever born, but it's nothing compared to the love we feel for him now! the last 2 years have been such a great adventure. we love you logan!

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Natalie said...

what a fun post for a fun birthday! Happy birthday, Logan!