Tuesday, August 3, 2010

logan turns 1

to celebrate the big O-N-E we had a family birthday party for logan. it worked out that my whole family (minus matt) was in town for a reunion and logan was lucky enough to have almost all his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents there (we missed you erin, john and matt). a set of his great grandparents were even able to come! logan has gotten into trucks lately and so we decided to go with a truck theme.
the invite
(thanks to the skills...and computer program of mindy smith)

the cake
(thanks to the skills and creativity of my mom. isn't she clever and amazing! we had the most incredible cakes for our birthdays growing up. brown sugar, oreos/oreo crumbs and pretzels to decorate. she's a genius! )

the decorations

the guests
(a few even performed a skit for the birthday boy)
the birthday boy
(this picture could sum up his feelings about his 1st birthday party)

cupcake time

i had the "brilliant" idea of giving all the kids party horns to blow after we sang happy birthday to logan. i thought they would love it. they did. logan didn't. it freaked him out (looking back, i should have realized this).

he didn't want anything to do with his cupcake. so sadly (for me), no cake smeared on the face picture :( his pappy got him to taste a little, so this is the best we got

he preferred to get down and crawl among the chaos

doesn't he looked thrilled about his first birthday party?!

the presents
(of course he was spoiled!)

dave put together an amazing movie of pictures of the 1st year of logan's life. it was so fun to watch it and be reminded of all the fun we've had over the past year. we can't wait for all that is to come. we love you logan!

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