Sunday, August 7, 2011

i am a child of god


tonight we watched the video below at least 10 times and that is no exaggeration. every time it ended logan wanted to watch it again. and so we watched it. over and over again. i sat with emma on my lap and logan snuggled in next to me (for only one of the ten times. he's too busy to sit still too long) and i cried as the sweet message of the song seeped into my heart. it's true! and i thought about my children and what i hope for them and all i need to teach them. and the spirit whispered to me that of all the things i need to teach my kids, one of the most important (if not the most important) is that they are children of god. that he knows them, loves them and is their heavenly father and that they can turn to him for help and guidance. knowing that, and not only knowing but believing that, makes all the difference in the world. it changes the way we see and treat ourselves, the way we see and treat others, our confidence, the peace we feel, how we face challenges and it affects the choices we make each day. i hope i can teach my kids to seek their heavenly father and their savior and that they can build their own relationship with them. and that as they grow older they will not only know the words to the song (i love how logan sings along), but that the words will become real and will be written in their hearts and they will know, believe and feel that they are children of god.

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Jessica said...

Such a great post! Thanks for sharing this video. My girls and I have watched in about a dozen times in a row this morning! I need to watch these Mormon messages more often, they are so awesome!