Tuesday, August 2, 2011

good life

last week i heard an interview with the lead singer of onerepublic talking about their song "good life." he was talking about what inspired him to write the song and i really liked something he said. the gist of it was everyday we wake up and decide if life is going to be good. the decision is ours and we make it what we want it to be. i know it's common sense, but it was a timely reminder for me. i'm naturally an optimistic person. i'm naturally inclined to find the good. but last week for some reason was a hard week for me. i was feeling overwhelmed (about a lot of simple, silly stuff), couldn't seem to make any headway with the things that needed to get done, was feeling discouraged and it was harder than usual for me to see the good. so more than once i cranked up the song and reminded myself that life is good and that choice is mine. and you know what, it made me feel better (i love how music can do that). 

and for any of my local folks, when ryan tedder was writing it, one of the things he thought about was driving down 23rd ave and cruising by city park and being able to jam to the song. kind of a fun, random fact. and i can't help but love the shout out to colorado in the song. gotta love local bands!  


Amy said...

Yes, I think a lot of us have been there (like most days for me), and it is a big challenge to see the progress and the positive. Way to find something to help you out. Hang in there!

Anna said...

Love that! Thanks for the reminder!