Monday, August 8, 2011


a couple of weeks ago i was able to get together with some of my oldest friends for breakfast (brunch?! that sounds fancier although we're not really fancy people). ashley was in town from milwaukee and while the rest of us live here, it was just the push we needed to actually get together (the desire to get together is always there but making it happen as often as we'd like seems a little more complicated). no matter how long its been since we've seen each other last (or talked) there's no awkwardness and we pick right back up as if no time has passed. aren't those kind of friendships the best?! we talked for hours (much to the chagrin of our waitress i think) about anything and everything. we talked about the good things in our lives, the hard things, memories, family, motherhood, money, real estate, church and the gospel of jesus christ. i love these girls!
maegan and ashley. we were lucky enough to be together on maegan's birthday...the big 30!
too bad i didn't take this picture a few minutes later when ashley was nursing too!
our babies, ranging in age from 3-9 months (jack and emma were born just 4 days apart). we caused quite a stir in the restaurant.
people couldn't get enough of all these babies. we laughed because 5 of our kids were missing (maegan's other 2 were there, just not pictured).
after i left i was thinking about all the memories i've had with these girls. we literally grew up together. i think i "met" megan and ashley when i was just 2 years old and we moved to colorado (that's logan's age which boggles my mind). we became friends with maegan when she moved into our ward in 2nd grade. earlier this year ashley's husband made a book of notes and photos for her 30th birthday. i went to my parent's house and dug through boxes looking for photos of us through the years to include in the book. get ready to be wow'd! i'm embarrassed by a lot of these pictures of me (awkward). i think we've all improved with age ;)  

lewis ames elementary field day, 1992
girl's camp, 1995
 i think this was at a bridal shower for ashley or maegan, 2001
 rexburg idaho, 2000
 my birthday, 1995
the pioneer trek, 1997 (why we took a picture in front of the bathrooms i'm not sure. maybe we were just happy to have bathrooms!)

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