Thursday, May 5, 2011


logan loves being a "big brudder!" he always wants to know where emma is, give her kisses (he gives her constant kisses and it melts my heart), hold her (or have her propped up next to him...where he will sit for a moment and then move causing her to tip over), when she's sleeping he loves to go look at her in her bed, he's gotten pretty good at putting her binky back in when she spits it out (and is screaming), he loves to stand on a little box next to the changing table and watch me change her diaper, he makes cute little squeaky noises when he "talks" to her (she squeaks a lot and i think he is trying to mimic her sound. it is awesome!), and he will even hold her hand in the car (their carseats are next to each other and i am glad he is holding her hand and not hitting her)!

so while logan loves emma, it has still been a bit of an adjustment for him. he has moments where he is definitely more clingy and i think the biggest thing we have noticed are increased meltdowns for no apparent reason. often times nothing will console him and we just have to let it run its course. last week i sent dave a text message that said, "both kids have been on total meltdown, inconsolably screaming at the top of their lungs for the past 20 minutes. i don't know if i should scream or cry." i knew emma was hungry, but logan was such a mess i couldn't sit down and feed her without him going totally ballistic (sometimes when i sit down to feed her, logan decides that is the exact time he needs me;) . eventually he calmed down and things were great again! other than that moment, i'm feeling pretty good about mothering 2 kids. it actually feels "normal," not like my world has been turned upside down. which i guess is a good thing since they're both here to stay!

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