Thursday, May 19, 2011


a couple of weeks ago my friend mindy and i went to see daughtry in concert. an annual event i used to work on was being held in denver and daughtry was one of the entertainers at the event. i love concerts and it was a fun night out (plus you can't beat a free concert). i'm bummed that the 2 pictures of mindy and i somehow got deleted off my camera. i guess it's ok though because if i remember correctly, they weren't very cute pictures of me :)

a few observations from the concert:
chris daughtry's pants were ridiculously tight. we thought his cutoff t-shirt/sleeveless shirt was funny (we just think guys in sleeveless shirts are funny). but he was sweating like crazy so i'm sure he liked the extra ventilation and he probably also wanted to show off the massive tattoos on both of his arms (i can't imagine you get tattoos like that just to cover them up). the guy in front of us videoed the entire concert on some little handheld device and he had quite the steady hand. he also knew every word to every song (and so did the old guy next to him). i, on the other hand, knew fewer words than i thought i did going into the concert. with that said, i like a lot of daughtry's music. it was a really fun night!

after the concert i got to catch up with a bunch of people i used to work with. it was fun to hear them talk about the event and be reminded of everything that goes into it...the excitement, the stress, the little "fires" you have to put out as they pop up and the adrenaline rush of pulling off a successful event. i can honestly say it was the first time in the almost 2 years since i quit that i missed my old job even just a little bit. but definitely not enough to leave my kiddos and go back. i much prefer my new "job" :) it's fun to visit though!

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