Monday, May 23, 2011

logan: 22 months

runs everywhere
loves to jump and hop/gallop in circles
loves to dance. he is good at moving his hips and shoulders
still loves to look at our picture screen saver on the computer. this can keep him occupied for quite a while (like when i'm in the shower)
loves to watch movies (cars, finding nemo and kung fu panda), thomas the train and elmo you tube videos (although he doesn't get to watch them much because once he watches one he whines constantly for more)
loves fruit and carrots (and french fries and candy)!
right now everything is "BIG" to logan. every strawberry, ball, stick etc. is a "BIG one"
his favorite things include cars, trucks, trains, dinosaurs and balls (what a boy!)
he can sing a lot of "twinkle, twinkle little star," "i am a child of god," "i love to see the temple," "the itsy bitsy spider" and all of the alphabet song
he can say the entire alphabet and count to 15
his favorite colors seems to be green. when asked what color something is, the answer is always green (i think orange is his second favorite)
he loves to give "knucks" and high fives
he always wants to know where people are. we often hear logan screaming, "daddy? mommy?" when we're out of sight
he loves to be outside and is constantly asking to go outside (regardless of the weather). getting him to come inside is always a difficult task.
he loves basketball (and when his pappy lifts him up to shoot baskets)
watching "star wars clone wars" with his daddy
he loves to read books. all. day. long.
he can unlock my iPhone and find his favorite apps. it is crazy to watch him do it with such ease (i apologize if he accidentally calls you)
is still an amazing sleeper. he'll sometimes even still take 2 naps which rocks!
he loves emma! he always needs to know where she is, kisses her, "talks" to her, sometimes lays "on" her when she's in her bouncy seat, puts her binky in when she spits it out (and then pulls it out sometimes too)
he loves to play with other kids. all kids are referred to as "friends"
he is putting together more and more words. he talks so much and can express himself pretty clearly.
what we hear a lot:
"oh no"
"oh man"
"bless you" (when someone sneezes)
"do it"
"come on guys"

logan seems like such a big boy now. i am amazed at how much he knows, remembers and understands. he is seriously a sponge. he has such a fun and sweet personality. he brings so much joy and fun into our home. i am so lucky to be his mom!

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