Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emma: 1 Month

i'm behind because emma is actually 6 weeks today. how in the world did that happen?!

emma is a loud for such a little thing! she's a loud breather, has started to "snort" a little bit and does those baby squeaks and grunts.
she's very expressive and makes lots of funny faces (just like her dad and brother)
she is such a wiggle worm. i can't cover her with a blanket in bed because she wiggles down until it is covering her head.
she loves to snuggle and we love it!
she sleeps swaddled.
her face gets bright red when she cries really hard. she looks like a little tomato!
she has big dark blue eyes. we love them and hope they stay.
she's gassy (and smelly)!
she loves to be held. all. the. time. not the easiest thing when she has a 22 month old brother who needs to be taken care of too. she's had to learn to sit in her bouncer sometimes and just cry since i can't always hold her. she's gotten better over the last month about being put down and not fussing which is nice since it's sad to hear her cry.
she loves her binky. i'm not the biggest fan of least not at night when she's trying to go to sleep. she wakes herself up when it falls out and we're only willing to go put it back in so many times. so last night we just didn't give it to her when we put her down to sleep and it went just fine. no more binky at night!
she fights going to bed at night. she wants to stay up and play! but she is getting good at crying herself to sleep and she goes for longer stretches in between feedings during the night (thank you emma). i usually only have to wake up once in the middle of the night (and then once again in the early morning).
she's strong. she likes to stand herself up when you hold her and she's pretty good at holding up her head.
she loves to hold onto our fingers.
rubbing the bridge of her nose calms her down almost instantly (dave's discovery during his long night with her at the hospital).
she's already got her daddy wrapped around her finger (honestly, she's got all of us just smitten with her)!

it seemed only appropriate to post the 1 month picture where she is spitting up. this girl can power puke! we're never far from a burp cloth!

the bear logan gave emma when he first came to meet her in the hospital

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