Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the little things i've liked about yesterday and today

going to the zoo with friends.
my new (to me) stroller that made the zoo trip with 2 kiddos much easier.
getting an afternoon nap
attending the temple with my young women's presidency. they are amazing and there was something so special about being in the temple with them.
running into my sister at the temple (she was visiting the grounds on a date with her 7 year old. isn't that cute?!)
going to the temple seeking inspiration for our young women and feeling like we received some impressions. revelation is amazing!
going to yogurtland after the temple and just sitting and chatting (i love those girls). i got the biggest cup of yogurt out of the four of us and i loved every bite of it!
logan getting his haircut. he looks so handsome.
getting to see kari, my sister-in-law, since she is the talented lady that cuts logan's hair.
shopping at downeast basics (yea for there being one in colorado now) and actually finding something i liked (my attempt at shopping this past weekend ended with no clothes and discouragement). plus i had a coupon. score!
a surprise visit from my friend maegan. she has a brand new cutie named jack that was born the same week as emma. it was fun to meet the little dude and catch up with her.
the yummy cupcake i just ate
emma looking up at me right now with her big eyes

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