Thursday, May 5, 2011

easter weekend

we had a wonderful easter weekend. it started out on saturday morning with an easter egg hunt with some friends. we were so glad the weather held out and we didn't get the snow or rain that was forecasted. at first logan wasn't quite sure what to do, but soon enough he caught on. perhaps if we would have told him before there was candy in the eggs he would have been even more motivated. he has a major sweet tooth just like his mom. he still asks for jelly beans periodically, which sadly for him (and me) are all gone.

logan discovered his basket also makes a great hat!

on saturday afternoon we headed to my parent's house for another easter egg hunt. they hid 150 eggs all over their yard! logan's cousins were so sweet to him. they would actually take eggs out of their own basket and put them in plain sight for logan to "find." they loved helping him and were almost as excited for logan to find an egg as they were to find their own.

on easter morning logan woke up to find a trail of jelly beans that led to his easter basket (i think his breakfast that morning consisted solely of jelly beans).

the easter bunny got him a talking gordon train and it has been a huge hit! what a relief because the easter bunny procrastinated and found herself at wal-mart the night before easter. it was a mad house and she wanted to scream. but logan's love for his gordon train has made it worth it! we think gordon may have even surpassed thomas for the current favorite!

we had a delicious easter dinner with dave's family

the easter bunny also visited gammy and pappy's house (and was much more generous than at logan's own house). here is logan checking out his loot with pappy.

our (not very successful) attempt at getting a cute easter picture of the kids

logan looks HUGE next to emma and i had to show off the cute little bunny on emma's booty!

we took some time on easter sunday to watch a movie depicting the life of christ and focusing on his last week. it was a wonderful reminder of the miracle of the resurrection and the blessings that come to each of us because of the atonement. we are grateful for our testimony that "he is risen!"

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