Thursday, May 19, 2011

great grandparents

emma is lucky enough to have already met some of her great grandparents. when grandma and grandpa gg found out emma was back in the hospital, they hopped in the car and drove up from arizona (they were in new mexico before we even knew they were coming). we are so blessed by their love and support.

grandma lorrie was sweet enough to let us drop by earlier this week. she got a lot of good snuggle time with emma and logan kept us entertained (and kept me on my toes. he kept getting into everything). we're lucky to have her so close by and need to get over to see her more often.

we love you all!
(grandma lorrie and grandma gg are a couple of this blogs most faithful readers. whenever i have been slacking and not posting frequently enough, i think of them and know i need to get my act together)

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