Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a typical morning

our day usually starts at 7:30 am
we'll "snuggle" in my bed and read books for awhile
until logan's need for a cup of milk overcomes his love of reading books
we have cereal for breakfast
after breakfast he requests to dance and we turn on the music (usually my running mix) to shake it
i get logan dressed
he plays with cars (or begs to read and i convince him to play with cars) while i get dressed
3 mornings a week we head to the gym and logan can't wait to play at the kids club. he asks for it every morning.

logan is totally into tunnels right now. he turns anything he can into a tunnel. under the kitchen table and chairs or the computer chair in our bedroom are currently his favorite tunnels to play cars in. he has mastered the army crawl to get under the bars of the chairs.

he recently discovered a tub of girl clothes. he thought this bathing suit bottom made a perfect hat! he brought it to me and asked me to put it on. he played around while wearing it for at least 30 minutes. i think it makes him look kinda girly.

if we're lucky aunt kari will come by for a visit and read books with logan

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