Monday, March 21, 2011

37 weeks - thoughts on being "full term"

  • it's funny how 3 more weeks can seem so quick and so long at the same time.
  • the last week or so when i have "needed" a treat i have resorted to an old standby (maybe from college days, i'm not sure)...a spoon of peanut butter with chocolate chips! it always hits the spot (although dave hates my peanut butter breath).
  • i celebrated my "full term" status by getting a pedicure and manicure (thanks wesslers and bremners for the birthday present). i could have someone rub my feet all day long (hint, hint dave)!
  • this little girl must be camped right on top of my bladder because i ALWAYS feel like i need to go to the bathroom and like clockwork i wake up at 2:30 am every morning for a bathroom break.
  • apparently i am waddling. dave informed me of this lovely fact on saturday.
  • i feel like this little girl is going to arrive before her due date. i know it's dangerous to think such a thing, but that's my gut feeling (probably because we're not ready for her, so of course she'll come early). i should probably pack my hospital bag if i think that, eh?!
  • i was just sorting through baby clothes and put in a load of laundry full of tiny onesies, little dresses and lots of pink! i can't wait to dress a girl!
  • i am so excited for this little girl to come, but at the same time i know things are going to change and it's a little bittersweet. i am starting to feel a little emotional when i think that my special one-on-one time i've had with logan is coming to an end. i know things will only get better as our family grows, but at the same time i feel a little sad about it too (i'm really not doing a good job articulating these feelings). i remember feeling some of the same bittersweet feelings right before logan was born, when i realized that it wasn't going to be just dave and i anymore and things would never be the same again. but of course life has just become sweeter and more full with the addition of logan and i know it will be the same again with this little girl. even so, in the meantime i am trying to really soak up my time with my boys.

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Sara Morey said...

Steph, I totally felt the same way for a while before Tan was born about the last thing you wrote about. It's hard to go from one to two just because you have developed a special bond with the first child. And it will never be the same again and that is sad. I still feel that way even now with Makenzie here. I know things will get better and the love in our family will just increase. But it does take some getting used to the new change! GOOD LUCK!!! P.S. You look fabulous girl!