Thursday, March 24, 2011

st. patty's day

we actually did most of our celebrating the saturday before st. patrick's day (unless you count our traditional dinner of green pancakes and green "orange" julius on the actual day). apparently denver has one of the top 10 st. patrick's day parades in the nation and we headed down to see it. to be more specific, logan and i went to watch and dave actually got to be in it!

his co-worker hooked him up with a snow trooper costume (from "the empire strikes back") and he got to march in the parade with a bunch of other "star wars" characters.
he totally got to geek out and *loved* it!

we had some friends that were nice enough to save us a spot. we were totally unprepared for how chilly it would be in the shade. we'll know better for next year!

logan loved the parade (don't let the picture fool you). he was in heaven pointing out all the cars, trucks, drums, dogs and horses.
we almost missed getting a picture with dave. when his group passed by i was frantically searching for him, but couldn't tell which one he was.
luckily he spotted us (even though he had no idea where along the 2.5 mile route we were standing).

we had so much fun, i think it will have to be a tradition to attend (and i think dave hopes it can be a tradition for him to be in it)!

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