Tuesday, March 1, 2011

melts my heart

i took logan and his friend finn to the zoo. i heard logan saying "hands" and turned around to see this.he will still randomly say "finn" and "hands" together and smile. i think it really made him happy to hold hands with finn!
in case you're wondering, logan is not still in a rear facing carseat. i just didn't have 2 big car seats to get us to the zoo so we improvised!

logan has never been very cuddly or affectionate. but as he has gotten older he has become a little more affectionate (we take every little bit we can). this particular morning logan asked for me to get "bear" out of his bed and he walked around giving him a hug. it's a start. his hugs have recently extended from bear to his dad. if logan is awake when dave leaves for work he will walk dave to the door, say "hug" and allow dave to hug him (he doesn't quite get how to wrap his arms around and give a hug quite yet) and then will say "kiss" and give dave a kiss (or let dave kiss him).
logan wasn't feeling well and i got a rare 5-10 minutes of snuggling (that was a sure sign he wasn't feeling well. otherwise he is usually too busy running around to snuggle). i must say i was in heaven (even though i was sad he wasn't feeling well).

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