Thursday, March 17, 2011

this must be what heaven is like for a 20 month old

(at least a 20 month old named logan)
a trampoline full of balls
(logan is a huge fan of jumping on the tramp and any kind of ball)
a room full of balloons

logan got to enjoy a little piece of heaven thanks to his cousin myles' 7th birthday party!
also making a (surprise) appearance at myles' party...
a snow trooper, as seen in the star wars movie, "the empire strikes back" (more to come on the costume)

he was a big hit with the boys, although logan kept his distance and kept saying "scary." he didn't want anything to do with the "snow trooper" (aka dave) until the costume was completely off.

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Amy said...

That DOES look like fun! I bet it was hard to get him to go home.