Tuesday, March 1, 2011

baby bumps (weeks 32-34)

i have only taken one baby bump picture this whole pregnancy, so a few weeks ago i finally had dave take another. and then i didn't get around to posting it. so the next week i had him take another. same story. i was determined it would happen the following week, so now you get 3 weeks in a row (although the last picture was taken last week, so i'm a little behind again. at the end of this week i will be 35 weeks!)

this pregnancy has flown by! a couple of weeks ago i wrote a list of things i wanted to accomplish before the baby comes and when i finished writing i thought, "well, i better get my booty in gear because time is dwindling and this list is long!" of course they are things that don't really have to happen before the baby comes (i doubt she cares if under my bed is organized or the kitchen cupboards have been wiped out...i'm in full nesting mode), but i work well under pressure so we'll see what i can accomplish. hopefully things like painting her room and finding her a bed will happen before she comes though ;) we can now officially say that we will have a baby next month! yikes...and yipee!!

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