Monday, January 31, 2011

photo dump

i was looking through iPhoto and found some random pictures that never made it onto the blog. so here is a random post of some of them

autumn leaves

mohawk...the morning after

playing the djembe drum with cousin ava

watching a show at nana and papa's on the sled

story time with nana and some cousins

watching our picture slide show screensaver. logan loves it and asks to watch it frequently. since 98% of the pictures are of him i am constantly hearing him say "nonan" (logan) when he sees a picture of himself.

cupcake time. it's hard to believe his betrothed is already one!

what's better than one hat? how about two?! sporting grandpa gg's hat before bed (over his own hat)

logan's favorite thing to do lately (besides look at pictures): filling up his dump truck with tons of his toys (or books or sippy cup or blanket), pulling the lever and watching it dump. it provides great entertainment for logan multiple times a day. it seems to have been a successful christmas present (at least for a month following christmas)!

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