Wednesday, January 5, 2011

christmas day

we began christmas morning celebrating at home with just the 3 of us. dave waited (im)patiently for logan to wake up so the fun could begin. some people have to worry about their kids waking up early on christmas morning, i have to worry about my husband. he was so excited, i think he woke up periodically throughout the night...although that is also pretty normal for him. i love his excitement! in my family growing up it was tradition on christmas morning for all the kids to pile into my mom and dad's bed and my dad would bring up toast and hot chocolate for everyone. dave surprised me on christmas morning by bringing me toast and hot chocolate in bed and i loved it!! then the fun began.
presents: round one
logan didn't really get the whole opening presents thing (i think he had the most fun pulling the tissue paper out of a gift bag). he scored some great toys and he didn't know where to focus his attention. he kept running from one toy to the next. i surprised dave with tickets to see his favorite band in concert and he got me some great sewing supplies.
presents: round two
we headed over to dave's parent's house and after stuffing ourselves with a yummy breakfast we opened presents. logan got spoiled of course, but so did dave and i! dave got a timbuk2 bag he has been wanting forever and i got a sewing machine!! i'm so excited! looks like learning to sew (like really sew...for starters not having to read the instruction manual every time i need to thread my machine) is on the list of goals for 2011!
the rest of the day was spent relaxing, napping, eating (constant grazing), playing video games (the boys), putting together a puzzle (kari, although i found all the edge pieces), learning how to thread my sewing machine, playing with toys, talking and reading the story of the birth of christ. the quiet and relaxation was so nice (especially after the loud chaos at my parent's house the day before).

we attempted to take a family picture (fail)
i hate when there is more than one camera and you don't know where to look, so everyone is looking at a different one (one of my pet peeves, if you must know)

decided to try a couple picture without the wiggle worm (decent)

gammy and pappy modeled their christmas pj's from grandma and grandpa muir. hot stuff!

logan played with his new thomas the train and chilled with uncle sterling
we are so grateful for this special time of year, the chance to be with loved ones and reflect on the birth and life of our savior, jesus christ. he is truly the reason for the season and the one who brings us joy and direction.


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Sorry about the double picture taking!

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