Monday, January 31, 2011


on jauary 7th dave's grandpa, buster, passed away.
side note: his name really isn't buster, but when dave was little his grandpa would call him buster. in response, dave used to call him buster back and the name stuck.
while buster had been having some health problems and was in the hospital, it still was shocking when we got the news he had passed away. he was a kind and cheerful man until the end (even the nurses in the hospital who took care of him for only a few days were touched by his kindness). it is comforting to know he is no longer in pain even though it is sad he is gone.

four generations of wessler men when logan was just 2 days old: buster, pete, dave and logan
the funeral was a beautiful tribute to buster's long life (he would have been 93 in may) spent in the service of jesus christ. the service was a beautiful reminder of the hope and peace that jesus christ brings into our lives. i loved learning more about him and wished i could have seen him give a sermon back in the day (he was a lutheran minister).

if there was a silver lining to the sad occasion it was getting to spend time with a lot of family. following the funeral service, members of their church prepared a delicious meal and we got to spend a lot of time visiting (and of course taking pictures).

logan and sophia with their great grandparents
(left: grandma lorrie right: grandma & grandpa gg)

left: dave and his sisters with grandma lorrie right: grandma lorrie with her 5 kids

logan kept busy running up and down a wheelchair ramp and across the stage during the luncheon.
we were just happy he was happy since he had missed his naps!

it is always comforting at times like these to know that this isn't it, that death isn't the end. there is hope and peace available through jesus christ and families can be forever. i'm so grateful for that knowledge. i am grateful to know that jesus christ broke the bands of death and because of him we will live again and can be with those we love!
if you want to learn more about what happens after we die:

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