Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh happy day!

i finally got my chocolate chip cookies today!

you see, on sunday after lunch i was craving chocolate chip cookies. so i set to work making a batch. i had the oven preheated, the dough was made and then i reached into my cupboard only to discover that i didn't have any chocolate chips! tragedy! and my trusty food storage bin came up empty (apparently not so trusty). i will admit that i felt like it was almost an "ox in the mire" situation that might justify a trip to the store (not really, although i will admit it did cross my mind). it was not a good situation for a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester to find herself. but i survived (by eating plenty of candy from my mother-in-law's valentine's candy bowl). the dough has been waiting for me in the fridge the last 2 days until i could make it to the store and i have now eaten enough cookies that i feel sick. success! and i needed the cookies today because the morning started off a little rough. namely i drank the nasty orange drink for my glucose test and ended up throwing up a tiny bit of it (due to a coughing fit) and so now i have to do the whole thing over again (minus the throw up part). and when i got to the doctor they didn't have a record of my appointment so i had the pleasure of waiting for awhile (although i did get my scripture reading for the day done, so there's a silver lining).

now that i am sick off cookies (with chocolate chips:) i better figure out what to make for dinner. dave gets off of work in 29 minutes so it is crunch time. today is even his late day. he gets off at 7:00. i have had all day to figure dinner out and i have successfully procrastinated until the last minute.

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Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Duh! I ALWAYS have chocolate chips! You know that! Get on over to my house silly girl. Just made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies today! You can always count on me. :)