Monday, January 31, 2011

meeting sophia

a few weeks ago erin and john came into town with their new little baby sophia. we were so excited to meet her. she is darling!

we were pretty enamored with her.

we weren't the only ones.
logan loved sophie! he loved being right by her as she sat in the bouncer and was always looking for her when she was in another room (like when she was napping in one of the bedrooms and we found logan in there just hanging out with her). he still asks about her every couple of days even though they are now back in utah. on occasion he would give her kisses...or else just be up in her face.

showing pappy his belly (and his "outie" belly button...a recent development). he's a big fan of lifting up his shirt and showing his belly these days.

this was his first time being around such a tiny baby and he did pretty well. we're hoping his love of baby sophie will extend to his new little sister who will be arriving in a couple of month (and will most likely rock his world).

logan testing out the bouncer. i'm sure we'll find him "testing" out a lot of the baby's stuff in the coming months (excuse the crazy eye. apparently the flash is reflecting off it just right).

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