Wednesday, January 5, 2011

christmas eve

we spent christmas eve with my family. it was the first time all the todds have been together for christmas in seven years and it was heavenly! there is just something about being together with family at christmas time that makes it especially magical.

there was plenty of playing for the cousins (and trying to find their presents under the tree) while dinner preparations were finished.

after dinner the kids reenacted the story of christ's birth. while a little chaotic (which is inevitable with so many little kids), the spirit was still there as we reflected on the birth of our savior. side note: it was also funny to see some of the same "costumes" (read: bathrobes) used from when we were kids and reenacted the nativity.

the chaos reached a whole new level with the cousins' gift exchange. logan totally scored with a honda four wheeler.
it was a hit with everyone and i think he barely got a chance to play with it himself until we got home that night!

then nana read the "night before christmas" to all the grandkids

logan had his first candy cane (of course it was a big hit)

nana and papa opened their christmas presents (since dave and i wouldn't be there the next morning)

i left that night feeling so happy and grateful for this wonderful season that could bring us all together and for the birth of jesus christ who make real peace, true joy and eternal families possible.

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