Thursday, January 27, 2011

on my mind

we need to buy more bowls (i almost just added an "e" into bowl. that would be awkward...imagine if i would have just typed "we need to buy more bowels" without realizing my mistake). our dishwasher is always full of bowls and spoons (and sometimes, not much else). we go through bowls so quickly because dave and i love cereal. it's a love i've possessed since my younger years and never outgrew. the cereal aisle is usually a bigger temptation to me than the cookie aisle (if i dare admit that. only the ice cream section can rival it).

i love my "job!" i can't imagine doing anything else.

i have a "yo gabba gabba!" station on pandora for logan, but i think i like the music better than he does. it plays all american rejects, the fray, lifehouse and more "non-kid" music than kid music (maybe it has something to do with the fact that the creator is the lead singer of the aquabats?!). whatever reason, i'm happy i discovered it!

i wonder how you get a job naming nail polish. what kind of schooling or degree does that require? is it an individual job or a committee job? seriously, some of the names are crazy. have you ever looked at the names of OPI nail polish (funny thing, i had been thinking about this and then my pilates teacher brought up the same thing. must be on more than just my mind).

do you think churches subscribe to some sort of "witty marquee message" database especially for churches? or does every church with a marquee just have to make sure they hire someone really clever to be in charge of the marquee message?

dave and i haven't had any tv programming for 6 months (not because we are against tv, we both actually love tv. it has been our attempt to cut expenses). i think it has been easier for us than we expected (although definitely still hard at times. i miss the dvr for sure). with our "extra" time we have been reading the harry potter series together and it has been so much fun. we haven't read a book together since we were dating and i had forgotten how much i love to have dave read to me. the downside...i am home all day with the book and it is tempting to read ahead a little while he is at work.

there is something about working out that makes me immediately crave junk food, donuts, ice cream, cookies etc. pretty much if it is bad for me i want it.

i wish more places had a drive -thru (not just fast food places). it's not because i'm lazy (at least i don't think i am), it's more that i hate getting logan out of his carseat for a quick errand, only to have to buckle him back in again a few moments later. i can only imagine how much "better" it is going to be with two ;)

i remember when we found out logan was going to be a boy that we felt like we had more girl names than boy names to choose from. now that we're having a girl i'm trying to remember what all those names were (because now i feel like we have none)! it's a lot of pressure naming a person!

i am addicted to reading blogs. even of people i don't know. what is it about reading about other people's lives that is so fascinating?! i am actually a little disgusted by how much time i can waste reading blogs (especially precious nap time). with that said, i don't plan on stopping!


Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

You are hilarious!!! I love your blog!!!

Cassy said...

i was totally laughing throughout this post!!!!!!!!!! And I second the thought that more places need drive thrus. (like king soopers when I only need to buy one thing that will take me two minutes to get, but really takes 10 minutes with garrett). anyway, let's get together sometime soon and eat pizza and talk.

Jessica said...

This post was way fun to read. I usually crave healthy food after exercise, but during pregnancy I am like you I want candy bars and ice cream afterwards. I suppose we need the calories? Yeah, I'll go with that.