Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4 months

logan's actually closer to 5 months now since i have taken so long to post these pictures, but that's just how it goes sometimes. i decided to take his pictures on his changing table because he seems to love it there (i'm not quite sure why). even still, i couldn't really capture any smiles on camera even though he smiles tons. he is still unsure about the camera.
here are his stats:
15 pounds - 50th percentile
26 inches - 75th percentile
42 cm - 50th percentile
currently he has 2 bumps on his bottom gums where teeth will eventually pop through. for now he is just sucking on everything, including his bottom lip (a new thing).
showing off those chubby thighs (that i just can't get enough of!) and his 2 band aids from his shots (sad, but not as traumatizing as his 2 month shots).
these days logan is:
grabbing his feet (as evidenced in the pictures above) and starting to suck on his toes (oh, to be so flexible)
screaming. he has found his voice. he sounds like what i would imagine a baby terydactyle would sound like. at times it is hard to distinguish between a happy scream and an angry scream
sucking on anything and everything that makes it into his hands...burp cloth, blanket, fingers, his shirt sleeve, my shirt etc
blowing raspberries
noticing different textures. he loves to scratch the throw pillows on our couch.
staring at anything shiny
giggling more and more