Saturday, December 12, 2009

kathy's big 50

November 9th has a very special meaning. Yes it it the day the Berlin wall came down, but more importantly it is the day my mom (one of THE greatest ladies I know) was born.
Lookin' good at 50 mom!

These are some of the things we get to look forward too when we turn 50: hemroid cream, tiger balm for stiff joints, and specialized more flinstone chewables.
We celebrated by going out to dinner for some Mexican food (her favorite), and then went back to my parents house for cake, ice cream, and presents. Mom pretty much told everyone that she got to hold Logan all night because she was the birthday girl. We all chipped in and put together a movie for her that was all pictures of her throughout her life set to music. She absolutely loves it! Thanks Kari for organizing everything.
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As you can see good looks run in the family. What a mama's boy!
Some things I love about my mom:
  • always has an art project going in her home
  • she is quite the Nintendo wii player as we found out during thanksgiving
  • she has always loved us unconditionally no matter what choices we made in life
  • everything I know about the priesthood I learned from her
  • she taught me how to treat a lady
  • I still love to show her my sketch books
  • she will call to check up on her "boy" if it's been a while since we last talked

Happy Birthday Mom... I love you!


Joci said...

Oh Mama Doubs! Isn't she the greatest!? DJ your post made me tear up, your a total goosh over your mommy! She's awesome!

Dania L said...

I completely agree!!
Grandpa and I have known this
since Nov 9 1969.
She's terrfic, I'm so happy you know. What a marvelous tribute to your very special mother.

Dania L said...

It would be really nice if Kathy's mom got her birthyear right !!!!!
So sorry Kathy

It's 1959

Love mom