Monday, November 23, 2009


  • the tortillas from costco rock! i am eating one plain right now and even plain it is soo good. thanks for introducing me to them steph!
  • i love the show glee and think it is hilarious! this is another thing steph introduced me to (she rocks)!
  • i just cleaned out the fridge and now it is empty (and my dishwasher is full of tupperware. why aren't i better at eating leftovers?!). i hope a freak snowstorm doesn't hit or dave and i will be fighting over a few apples, some syrup, yeast and salad dressing.
  • i love cheese. i recently bought a 5 pound bag and i will probably eat almost the whole thing myself (i guess if the freak snowstorm hits we could also live on cheese).
  • logan is sleeping like an angel right now so i can write this brilliant post
  • we had 10 girls in young women's yesterday! it made me soo happy!
  • i nursed logan at meineke today. i asked the guy at the front desk if it was ok and he said yes, but i think he thought it was a little weird. better than a screaming baby for 45 minutes though.
  • i am part of a dinner group and it is fantastic! i make dinner for 2 other families on tuesdays (and deliver it to them) and then on wednesday and thursday i get a meal from the others delivered to me. it is the best arrangement.
  • my friend lindsay moved away today. sad. she has the best style. i wish i could dress like her.
  • i used to live by the gas light in my last car. i figured out i could go at least 20 miles once the gas light came on. 2 weeks ago i ran out of gas for the first time ever. apparently the car i drive now doesn't have a gas light. now i know. luckily my car stopped right in front of my parent's house. no joke. i'm a lucky girl.
  • dave and i each get a monthly allowance. it is the best thing because you get to spend it on anything you want, no questions asked and no justification needed. i didn't get an allowance growing up so it's really exciting.
  • i read the most incredible book last week called "left to tell." it was sad, but amazing and inspiring.
  • i wish i was witty
  • i LOVE edamame
  • today is my sister angela's birthday. she is an amazing, talented, beautiful person and a totally fun and cool mom. i hope i can become more like her.
  • pepperidge farms has really soft honey whole wheat bread. it is perfect for sandwiches.
  • it's not surprising that almost half of these bullet points have something to do with food. i love food.
  • it seems like people haven't been blogging as much the last few days. i miss it when people don't blog (i am addicted).
  • i put painting my toenails on my to-do list today, just to make sure it got done. i just got to cross it off.
  • i daydream about living abroad
  • i want to see taylor swift in concert. she is playing 2 shows in denver in april and both of them are already sold out :(
  • i'm reading the isaiah part of 2nd nephi right now. it is so hard for me to understand. i'll admit i can't wait to get through it. maybe one day i will "delight in the words of isaiah."
  • the older logan gets the harder it is for me to hear him cry
  • dave only has one more day of work and then he is off for the rest of the week! i can't wait to spend 5 whole days with him!!
  • i bought a bag of 100 grand candy bars for our drive to the mountains tomorrow. i have already eaten a good portion of the bag. i'm not sure if the rest of them will make it until the drive tomorrow. maybe they should be our fhe treats. that way there is a reason for eating the rest of them tonight.


Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

You are sooo funny I love your post!

BEStrickLoving said...

What a great post! Miss and love you guys! Are you still in Denver?

Stephanie said...

First of all, you ARE witty. Second of all, thanks for the shoutouts. Costco tortillas are the bomb. I'm realizing we have more and more in common every day. Like our beautiful name. We should hang out way more than we do. :) Third of all, apples+syrup+yeast+ranch dressing might not be so bad. Throw a 100Grand in there and you might be on to something!

Amy said...

Very fun to read all the randomness. First, "Left to Tell" is the BEST. One my very faves. Second, Taylor Swift. Danny likes her music a lot. I tease him he has a crush on her. Third, I guess I should look into Costco tortillas.

Andrea said...

Just browsing through Cassy's blog friends and found YOU! Loved your post. You are funny and I love food, too! Too much probably.