Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new moon

it's true. i went to the midnight showing on opening night. we waited in a long line of avid fans that wrapped around the movie theater before we could even get inside. it was cold, so luckily that didn't last too long.
we passed the time by chatting, which i was more than happy to do with these awesome girls! i know i might cause an uprising by writing this, but i thought it was just ok. really, i expected more (since they actually had a decent budget this time). of course kristen stewart's acting was less than stellar (seriously, they couldn't find anyone better?!) and robert pattinson is not nearly good looking enough to play edward, but i guess i should have expected both of those because of "twilight." i will say i was tempted to switch to "team jacob" based on sheer looks (do you think robert pattinson felt a little embarrassed when he had to take off his shirt compared to taylor lautner? just wondering because i would if i were him). despite way too many, laugh out loud embarrassing/cheesy moments it was entertaining. and the company made arriving home at 3am worth it! (wow, i wrote way more in this post than i expected to).


Stephanie said...

Who are the two dudes sitting behind you?! That's funny to me.

Jessica said...

You girls are so cute and always seem to have so much fun! Glad you had a good time. I agree with you on the shirt thing by the way... although I haven't read the books, I'm on team Jacob for looks too!