Thursday, December 3, 2009

back yard bang

a few weeks ago dave's work, the art institute of colorado, hosted an event sponsored by salomon snowboards called the "back yard bang rail jam." it was a snowboarding competition in downtown denver. yes, right in the city. it was awesome! they shut down 2 city blocks right next to dave's school and built scaffolding that was covered with carpeting and then snow.
they had 3 different types of rails and salomon brought in 50 of their professional athletes to compete. dave was on the planning committee and so at 11:45pm the night before the event he went downtown to help build the scaffolding. he worked all night and got home at 5:30am, took an hour nap and was back downtown by 7:30am to start the final setup and organize the students who would be helping him. it was a long night and day for dave (although he got some cool swag, like a free snowboarding jacket and skull candy headphones) and the event was a huge success. the weather was perfect and 3,000 people attended. i am so proud of him. he even got a little taste of my old life (event planning).
they also had a design contest for student and alumni to design snowboards which were then auctioned off. the money will go toward the art institute's scholarship fund.
this was such a cool event! i can't wait for next year!

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Team Covey said...

How fun! That is hilarious that he did exactly what you used to do - pouring your guts into one event. But it looked like a rad event. LOVED catching up and reading through your cute posts.