Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 months

logan is 5 months (and 10 days)!
these days logan is:
  • grabbing at everything! he particularly likes hair (especially when mine is curly), earrings, necklaces, and faces (and he's back to sucking on his dad's nose. although with more power this time).
  • growing back hair. he may still look pretty bald in the picture, but trust me. it is coming in. he looks a little less like mr. clean these days.
  • really mastering the bodily functions like a true man. some of his burps sound like a grown man's and he has been a little gassy lately (and they are potent).
  • you may not be able to tell from the picture, but he seems to have lost a little of his chub. sad. he doesn't have as big of a belly and his legs are a little thinner. perhaps because his favorite new toy is the jumper (thanks pia)! it's not unusual by the time he is finished jumping to find both of his socks on the ground. it's funny because when he wants to get out he starts fussing...but keeps jumping. so he cries and jumps until we get him out.
  • he rolled over for the first time on thanksgiving day (thursday, november 26th) from his back to his tummy. apparently it wasn't all it was cut out to be because he hasn't done it since.
  • he is sucking on his bottom lip constantly and drooling a lot more thanks to a couple of teeth trying to make their way in.
  • coughing. usually they seem pretty fake though.
  • sitting up by himself with a little positioning help from mom and dad (sorry for the blurry picture. it showed his sitting the best). eventually he slumps over forward, but he can hold it for a bit)
logan loves:
  • zippers - like on hoodies dave and i wear
  • smiling at himself in the mirror. it is one of the first things we do after i get him out of bed.
  • being sung to
  • being held upside down
  • giving "smooches"
  • being bounced on the bed
  • doing "booms" with his daddy
  • having bare feet. he rubs his feet together to get his socks off.
  • playing with the remote control. he is mesmerized by it!


John, Kara, and Myla said...

Oh Logan - you are a cutie! Merry Christmas little man!

Stephanie said...

When you said he's "growing back hair", I thought you meant he was growing hair on his back. I was grossed out for a moment until idiot me figured it out. Glad to know you're not Sasquatch, little L! You can still marry Camicakes.