Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"so you think you can dance" is on tonight. i can hardly wait! i love the show and get nervous each week for the results show. i am a nerd like that. it is cool that 2 of the contestants in the top 8 are a married mormon couple (married to each other, not just married :) i really want to see the tour when the top 10 come to denver (i am hoping they come to denver). hint, hint dave!!


Stephanie said...

Oh, you're going to think I'm cool - I used to visit teach Ashleigh. I was so sad for her tonight and voted 100 times just in case she can pull through.

Anonymous said...

I bet you are talking about the couple that is from Pocatello. Our town has been really watching it. The grandma has been on the news to make sure everyone votes for them. IT is really fun to watch.

Seth Jenson said...

if they come to town be sure to invite us! we are sytycd fans too!