Tuesday, September 8, 2009

shake it like a polaroid picture

i like to shake it on the dance floor. but i don't get as many opportunities to do that anymore and so i just dance with logan (and sometimes dave if i'm lucky) to music on my iPod. however, last week i went to a belly dancing class at my gym and shook it...or at least attempted to (and let me say when i shook it, more jiggled than i would prefer). it was so fun and the members of the class were all ages and varied from hard core (complete with the coin belts that make noise when you shake and the metal arm cuffs) to people like me just trying to figure out how to move their hips (just so you know, i secretly want one of the coin belts). i have to say i am excited for the next class. i love workouts that don't feel like they are a workout (and i am hoping this workout will help whittle down my post-partum waist a little). anyone want to join me?!


Stephanie said...

Where do you go? What day/time? Belly dancing sounds the bomb.

Gina said...

That's hilarious. I see the belly dancing teacher at the gym every once in a while- and she is out there. Sounds fun, but I would definitely have to go with a friend before I would brave it alone! You always were braver than me! Shake it girl!