Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the influence of a stranger

i have decided that people are much friendlier when you have a baby. suddenly strangers in public places will stop and talk. and i love it...i love talking to strangers (e.g. when i lived in washington dc i loved sitting by strangers on the subway and learning about their lives. my first visit to nyc i met 2 strangers in the morning while waiting in line for some tickets and hung out with them all day)! last week i was shopping at costco. now it is not the most conducive place to meet strangers, mainly because i feel like if i stop too long in any area of the store i am going to get run over by somebody's huge cart (i swear that store is always packed with people). but i was back in the area by the paper towels (there's a little more room there, so the danger of being run over is minimized) and a lady stopped to look at logan. we ended up chatting for almost 1o minutes about motherhood. she told me about her 4 kids, how fast they grow up and encouraged me to enjoy every moment. she applauded my choice to stay at home with logan. i didn't even find out the woman's name, but i left our conversation wanting to be better. she didn't say anything i hadn't heard before, but just the way she was was inspiring to me. it reminded me how much of an impact we can have on others...even strangers. it made me want to be more kind, friendly, understanding, thoughtful, patient, to give others the benefit of the doubt wherever i go...even in crazy costco.

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