Tuesday, September 22, 2009

girls, girls, girls

for almost a year and half i have worked in the youth program at church with the 12-18 year old girls. it is so rewarding to work with them (and sometimes trying too)! they definitely keep me on my toes. i decided that it was about time i posted some pictures of them because they are cute!
mindy and jessica are the best counselors (and friends). i don't think i could do it without them.
the whole (cold) gang at camp this past summer
katie and haley moved at the end of the summer. those folks in minnesota sure are lucky to have them. these girls are THE BOMB and i miss them soo much! i hope when my kids grow up they are as good as these girls.
we went to the cannery this past week. boy were we in
over our heads. the girls were champs!


Cara said...

oh, my goodness! are you the yw president? i'm so impressed!

Gina said...

Your girls are darling and so are you. You are looking super skinny! Go you!