Thursday, September 10, 2009


i'm not really politically savvy. but i want to be better. so in an effort to be more informed i dvr'd the president's address to congress on health care reform last night. i decided to watch it this morning while feeding logan. i will admit i nodded off a few times, only to be awakened by thunderous applause. so i would rewind it to find out what was so exciting. speaking of applause, i think the president's speech would take at least half the time if they didn't let the people clap every 5 seconds. i wonder whose job it is to try and predict how much time applause will take up so that they know how long to schedule for broadcasting. anyway, logan spit up his breakfast all over himself. i don't blame him. politics makes me queasy too.


Chris said...

Nice. I usually just take 5 minutes to read the transcripts. It's actually a lot easier to follow that way, too.

stephanie and dave said...

i should try that next time