Sunday, February 1, 2009

one of those moments where you can only shake your head at your own stupidity

friday i was leaving work at 5:20 pm, grateful that a *long* work week was finally over. i started digging around in my purse for my keys and couldn't find them. i moved onto the pockets of my jacket without any luck. and then i had a sinking feeling. i ran out to the parking lot and peeked in the window of my car and there were my keys, safe and sound in the ignition of my locked car (i must have pulled them out enough so the car didn't ding at me, but not enough to actually make it into my purse). at least it wasn't running (yes, i have done that before at valet parking at a hotel...i will spare you the whole story). so i called dave and explained the situation. he was about 15 minutes from home and headed there to get the spare key, only to find that it was missing from it's usual place (later i discovered it in the middle compartment of my car. it didn't do us a lot of good there). he ran to my parent's house and picked up their spare key and crawled his way through particularly bad rush hour traffic to rescue me. he arrived and hour later and i was so grateful to finally be heading home (i have to say there were a disturbing amount of cars still in the parking lot on at 6:30 on a friday night). it was a rough start to the night, but ended up great with some $5 little caesar's pizza and epidsode 3 of star wars. needless to say, we are heading to ace hardware on a key making spree (and i am even going to keep a spare key at work).

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