Saturday, February 14, 2009

glory days

the last few saturdays we've had young women's basketball going on. it has really brought me back to intense games in the easter building many, many years ago. i don't know if they can really qualify as "glory days," but i must say the littleton 2nd ward girls rocked the house when it came to basketball.  seriously, we didn't mess around. we were out for blood and victory! things are a little more low key with our young women and they're just happy to be playing and learning. today we didn't have enough girls to play so we recruited a little sister to play (a 9 year old representative from primary) and me and mindy (another leader) got to play! i think we were more pumped than the girls to play. i must say my skills were definitely rusty and i missed more lay-ups than i would care to admit, but boy was it fun to be back on the court again!


Amy said...

Sounds like fun. We never did basketball for YW growing up. We did softball and volleyball. Either way, I think it's a great learning experience for the girls.

Maegan said...

Oh, I miss beehive basketball. It was so fun to play and be aggressive. Those are some of my favorite memories, playing YW basketball and volleyball.