Sunday, February 22, 2009

arizona: day 1

we couldn't venture so close to an in 'n out without stopping in. it was out first stop after we landed (it seemed to foreshadow what would be a main part of our dave looked forward to this stop from the moment we booked our flight.

dave's grandparents both have their concealed weapons permit and are regulars at the shooting range. i was so excited to go and give it a try. i preferred grandma's revolver and got lucky with a few semi-decent shots. dave was awesome and even got a bulls-eye or 2 (and just looked dang hot shooting a gun)! i must admit, i felt pretty tough. 

cruisin' in the golf cart over to the country club to go swimming. dave and i were definitely the whitest people there (pasty white). those old folks were pretty dang tan.  i have spared y'all pictures of us in our swimming suits. you're welcome.

yes, i know i happen to have my eyes closed in the picture above. i swear i am a safe driver though.

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