Sunday, February 22, 2009

arizona: days 2 & 3

our days continued to be filled with fun...

we attended a session at the mesa arizona temple and it was beautiful, inside and out!

we enjoyed a little pampering by grandma. she had this cool nail buffer that made your nails super smooth. even the guys got in on it (probably the first and last time dave will get his nails done :)

while looking through hilarious old family photos we ran across one of grandpa sporting a killer hat (complete with long hair). i was dying! it must have been my lucky day because he pulled it out and modeled it!

we couldn't resist another jaunt around the neighborhood in the golf cart. check out the sign they have posted. i couldn't resist a picture.

i felt like we were eating the whole trip. lots and lots of really good food non-stop. a cute little neighborhood italian place, a fantastic mexican restaurant, paradise bakery and texas roadhouse. we felt like dave looks below...stuffed the whole time.

me eating my last (and best) orange of the trip. it was heaven being able to pick it right off the tree.

the best host and hostess busy in the kitchen. they made this trip soo fun. thanks grandma and grandpa! we can't wait to come back and visit again!

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