Monday, February 16, 2009

a bit of a bust

tonight i decided to try a new recipe for dinner. i was pretty excited about it. i have been trying to find some healthy recipes and this one had whole wheat pasta and a light sauce made from fresh lemons (rather than the thick, creamy sauces i am usually attracted to). it seemed like it might be a winner...until we took the first bite. it didn't take long to see that dave was not digging the new recipe. i told him i wouldn't be offended if he wanted to throw it out and have something else. he was practically out of his chair on the way to the kitchen by the time i finished my sentence. i tried to stick it out for a few more bites, but in the end we both ended up with a dinner of honey nut cheerios. oh well. it was worth a shot. i would welcome any healthy recipes that could be appreciated by a non-health nut family. but for the time being i will feel good about the fact that we are eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (sunflower market, i love you).  


Julie said...

I'd like to think Three Cheese Garden pizza is healthy since it has so many vegetables. I of course ruin it because I add a ton of cheese. I love cheese. Check out the recipe at my other website.

Gina said...

There are some good tips at
We are having lettuce wraps again tonight! I think they are yummy- and pretty healthy. :) The link is on my blog. Love you!
Good luck on the quest for eating healthy. I'm with ya!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

There are some great recipes on Megan Jenson made the best salmon from this site. Hope you are feeling well!

Anna said...

I am a Cooking Light magazine addict- and they have great recipes on their website. They have the recipes rated by testers so you can avoid the probably yucky one or two star recipes and go for the five star ones! Always delish.