Thursday, January 29, 2009

birthday boy

last tuesday was dave’s birthday, which means we are the same age for 2 weeks before i jump ahead another year. we had a lot of fun celebrating for multiple days (why just limit birthday celebrations to 1 day?!). birthday festivities included:
dinner with dave’s family on saturday night (sadly my camera never made it out of my purse), a small surprise party with a few friends and family on sunday night. thanks to cole and mindy i was able to pull off the surprise and boy was dave surprised! i thought he was going to either pee his pants or fall off our front porch step. it was so fun! i *love* surprises!

on tuesday, his real birthday, we satisfied dave’s craving for a burger and had dinner at wendy’s (you can’t beat a birthday dinner for 2 for under $10) and then headed to dave and buster’s where we played video games, killed lots of bad guys and raced cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles to our hearts content.

i am so grateful everyday i get to be married to dave. he complements me in so many ways and makes me happier than i imagined. he is a hard worker, wonderful priesthood leader and makes life so fun (seriously, i never know what’s going to come out of his mouth…he keeps me on my toes). here’s to a lifetime of celebrating!


Maegan said...

How fun. I wish we could have been there, dumb me. I hope Dave knows we wanted to be there and wish him happy birthday!

The Jacksons said...

What a fun post! And what a fun way to celebrate!